F4C (Acronym for Femi For Christ), was born Olufemi Micha...
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Location : Nigeria, Abuja
Bio : F4C (Acronym for Femi For Christ), was born Olufemi Michael Salako, on the 15th of October, 1994. He is the second of 3 children, and hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. F4C is a gospel and inspirational recording artiste, very unique singer, music director, songwriter and composer. In his words, “I live my life, and do all that I do, to inspire my audience to live the best lives, they have been created to, and draw their attention, to the love of their Creator and Father”. F4C is quite versatile in his musicology, as he is a skilled and detailed music director, arranger and vocal instructor, with tangible evidences to back up his titles. He is also a popularly recognized and prolific writer, prospective motivational speaker and life enthusiast.
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